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Decorative Batonga Baskets

Decorative Batonga Baskets

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The Batonga people of Zimbabwe are famous for their basket weaving skills and mathematical design sense. Known for its great tradition of fine artisans, Zimbabwe is especially renowned for its basket weavers. These superfine baskets come in a variety of sizes and have an elegant and unique look that will add personality to any home decor. 

The baskets are made of finely woven palm grass, providing the home with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The beautiful baskets function as a decorative items on a coffee or dining table, or displayed as alternative wall art. The baskets have a unique pattern with stripes and small triangles. Each handmade basket features a unique, one-of-a-kind finish and pattern. Create your own gallery of Batonga baskets by pairing different patterns and sizes!


• Material: Palm Grass
• Handwoven
• Each item will vary in colour and pattern
• Made in Zimbabwe


• Medium: 40cm
• Large: 53cm

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