About Us

Savannah Africa Collections was founded in 2022 with the goal of promoting African women’s businesses and local artisans.

Based in Toronto, we import handcrafted, ethically made artisanal goods from Kenya and surrounding Eastern and Southern African countries. 

Our founder, Irene Otieno, travels to Kenya to source only the highest quality handmade goods directly from the hands of the creators. Trust and relationship building are at the core of Savannah Africa Collections, which is why Irene meets with every local artisan and spends time learning about their craft, their families, and the materials they source. 

Our Founder

Founder Irene Otieno is a true nomad. Born in Kenya, Irene spent her formative years in Cairo, Egypt, before settling in Canada.

After years practicing as a Registered Dietitian, Irene was looking for a new challenge. Frequently sporting the beautiful pieces she picked up in Kenya, a close friend sparked the idea of bringing these special pieces to a wider audience. Irene fell in love with the idea; it combined her experience and love of travel with her passion for Africa’s local artisans and communities. 

One sourcing trip back to Kenya was all it took, and Savannah Africa Collections was born.