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Authentic Congo Kuba Cloth Runner

Authentic Congo Kuba Cloth Runner

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This one-of-a-kind “Kuba cloth” art piece is handwoven by craftsman in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Also known as raffia cloth, it is woven from leaves of the raffia palm tree and dyed with mud, indigo, and other natural dyes, then appliquéd. It takes about one day to make two or three lengths of cloth depending on the skill level of the craftsman. Historically the cloth was used as money for bride price, ceremonial payments, and as tributes to the Chiefs. Today, these versatile and unique pieces are a big part of African art and interior design. 

These beautiful pieces look great displayed as wall hangings (framed or unframed), upholstery fabrics, soft furnishing (cushions, decorative pillows), and table runners.


• Material: Rafia Palm Leaves


• 250cm X 61 cm

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